Real Madrid Could Make Move For French Superstar In January

Real Madrid Could Make Move For French Superstar In January

Real Madrid has had a great start to the season. They have won all of their games in La Liga, and they beat Celtic 3-0 in their first Champions League game. At the same time, though, no one can deny that the team has some clear problems right now.

Real Madrid’s biggest problem right now is that they don’t have enough options up front and don’t have a good replacement for Karim Benzema.>>>>>CONTINUE READING HERE>>>>>

We’ve seen Benzema get off to a slow start this season as well. Most of the games he played, he didn’t seem to find his rhythm. The Frenchman also got hurt in the Champions League opener against Celtic, which could keep him out for a month and cause him to miss some very important games.

It will be very interesting to see how Carlo Ancelotti tries to make up for Benzema’s injury. And it will be interesting to see if the Frenchman gets hurt again during the rest of the season. In the worst case, Real Madrid could end up buying or selling players in January.

Defensa Central said that if Real Madrid needs to, they will try to sign Christopher Nkunku in January.

It goes without saying that it will be hard for Real Madrid to sign the Frenchman in the middle of the season, since he is a key player for RB Leipzig and scored 35 goals in the previous season, but this seems to be their plan if the situation requires it.

If not, it seems unlikely that Los Blancos will add any more players to their team. Now, we’ll have to see how Benzema does this season and if Real Madrid can come up with a backup plan for him as well.

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