Reactions Trail Shehu Sani's Post About Looting Nation's Treasury During Buhari's Administration

The popular social media influencer, Nigerian activist, and Nigerian Senator, Shehu Sani has caused reactions on social media after taking to his official social media page to comment on the past administration, Buhari’s administration. However, he posted on his official X account, formerly known as Twitter to react after reports claimed in the history of Nigeria political government, people looted money the most during Buhari administration.

According to Shehu Sani, JP Morgan reports on Nigeria’s foreign reserves showed that since 63 years of political history in Nigeria, the national treasury has never been looted like it was looted under the administration of Former President Muhammadu Buhari

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He said: “Going by the JP Morgan reports on Nigeria’s foreign reserves, Since our 63 years of political independence, the nation’s treasury has never been looted like it was done on Buhari’s watch.”

Kindly read his full post in the screenshot below:

In Addition, his social media post has stirred mixed reactions among the random social media users.

Kindly read in the screenshot below, some reactions from Nigerians who commented on his post:

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