Premier League To Be Reported To UEFA By Laliga

Premier League To Be Reported To UEFA By Laliga

The LaLiga president has begun composing a report for the governing body in response to the Premier League’s record spending of almost £2 billion, which he says threatens “sustainable European football.”

In comparison to English Premier League clubs, Tebas’ LaLiga teams spent only “£404 million” on players, a startling $2 billion. Ligue 1 and Serie A teams invested more money in players than Tebas’ teams did.>>>>>CONTINUE READING HERE>>>>>

A man in his 60s spoke: “The Premier League makes 1.8 times as much money as LaLiga or the Bundesliga, but this difference is 20 times larger than in the prosperous Spanish league.

“What is occurring there?” There is an issue with this. Unfortunately, teams like Manchester City are known for making large payouts.

Without a control, the industry could be in danger given that more money is available and the football industry has grown. We must put in extra effort to achieve sustainability because both the Bundesliga and LaLiga place a strong emphasis on it.

Ten years ago, we weren’t comparable to the Bundesliga, but we are now. We will inform UEFA of all of this because we want to ensure the continuation of European football. Furthermore, it matters for every other European league.

Barcelona was the only Spanish team to rank among the top 20 teams for spending on transfers during the most recent transfer window, although the Blaugrana have suffered greatly as a result of LaLiga’s strict Financial Fair Play rules.

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