Phone repairer L£ak s*xtape featuring military woman and her partner (Video) |

Phone repairer L£ak s*xtape featuring military woman and her partner (Video)

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Why will someone invade another Person’s privacy? If you ask me, What the phone repairer did was very bad.

Another ‘s*x’ video now circulating on social media features a Ghanaian female military officer having fun while the man serves her from behind.

In the video, a female soldier receives a “bullet” from behind and appears to enjoy every moment of it while lying down on the bed in her uniform.

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According to reports, her partner shot the video, which lasted one minute and eleven seconds, during one of their love-making sessions and vowed to delete it afterward.

The partner claimed he neglected to erase it from his phone, resulting in the leak being shared and debated on numerous social media sites, according to the report.

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According to a source who requested anonymity, the boyfriend’s phone became spoiled and he took it to be repaired. However, it appears that the phone repairer wanted to do more than just repair the phone.

He rummaged through his phone, found the video, copied it, and posted it on social media.

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