Petitioners Go For Technicalities Because Proving Election Irregularity Is Difficult-Liborous Oshoma

 According to renowned lawyer and public affairs expert, Barrister Liborous Oshoma, who has come forward amid the ongoing litany of election petition tribunals sitting across the various states of the country, the majority of petitioners prefer to challenge election results based on technicalities rather than on perceived irregularities experienced during the polls.

The Supreme Court’s requirement that petitioners prove claims of election irregularities by providing evidence of every result issued across to polling units, Oshoma noted in an interview on Monday, August 28, for ARISE TV’s “Morning Show,” has caused lawyers and their clients to concentrate on technical issues like party membership and academic records of their opponents in an effort to have them disqualified by the courts.

The speaker, having handled election petition tribunals since 2003, acknowledged the difficulty of proving election irregularity due to Supreme Court rulings that require polling unit by polling unit and presence of polling agents.

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