Peter Obi Supporter Who Rejected Appointment From Delta State Governor Gets N1.9m

He rejected an appointment he would have used to brag as an SA to a Governor and a Vice Presidential candidate.

A supporter of Peter Obi, Josiah Omenuwoma has been rewarded after rejecting an appointment as SA To Delta State Governor HE Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa on Youth Mobilization even though jobless.

Omenuwoma refused to accept the appointment because he wanted to campaign for Obi to win the presidential election in 2023…….Continue Reading

He believed the Labour Party presidential candidate can turn the country around.

Following his resolve, a group of professionals from Isoko decided to reward him by sending him N1.9m which is the total sum he would have earned as salary working as an SA to the Delta State Governor.

Read the statement as posted by journalist, Fejiro Oliver wrote:

Courage breeds money

Can you all remember the Isoko youth who rejected SA position from Governor Ifeanyi A. Okowa ?

In case you don’t or do not know the story, attached are the appointment letter and his rejection letter.

A group of Isoko professionals abroad have donated N1.9M and sent to him for the act. The same amount is what Okowa would have paid him for the 10 months if he had accepted it.

Let’s read from them.


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1. We are a group of Isoko Professionals spread all over the world in Canada, the U.S, the U.K and in Nigeria who are pained by the anguish and agony that leadership failure at the various tiers of government is afflicting on our people back home in Isoko

2. We are also pained that in recent times, the Isoko man who was once known for standing firm by his convictions even in the face of hunger and death is now known in the political circles as people who can easily be bought over by appointments or other pecuniary considerations

3. The implication of this is that people in government no longer take the average Isokoman seriously because of the belief that on the eve of elections, various forms of carrots can be dangled in our faces and the average Isoko politician will forget the many years of abandonment of the Isoko nation by those in government, and grasp those carrots which most times turns out to be Greek gifts.

4. We are further alarmed that this trend of being incapable to stand firm for one’s convictions is fast dripping down from our established political leaders into the youths to the extent that once a political appointment is dangled in the face, they abandon all the values, ideals and principles that they have been known for.

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5. It is in the light of these that we, a small group of Isoko Professionals all over the world have come together to Reward you, Mr. Josiah OMENUWOMA with the sum of ONE MILLION, NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND NAIRA ONLY ( N1, 900,000.00) being almost the total sum AFTER TAX you would have received for the 10 months you would have served in the Delta State Government.

6. We recall that, Mr. Josiah OMENUWOMA, a graduate of Science Laboratory Technology from the University of Benin since 2016, who has remained without any meaningful employment as a result of the leadership failure back home, recently decided to take his destiny into his hands by joining the growing movement of an army of youths ( now known as the OBIdients) to ensure that come 2023, bad government is voted out and a new order is enthroned. Seeing the energy, verve and vigour with which Mr. Josiah OMENUWOMA is pushing the OBIdient movement in Isoko in particular, the Okowa-led Delta State Government decided to dangle the carrot of an appointment as Special Assistant on Youth Matters in his face ostensibly to put out the OBIdient fire that is ravaging everywhere in Isokoland (a clear case of smite the shepherd and the sheep will scatter). However, despite the monetary value of almost N2 Million naira After Tax attached to the appointment, Mr. Josiah OMENUWOMA rejected the offer and has since continued to wax stronger in the OBIdient movement which symbolically represents REAL PENSIONABLE AND PROFITABLE JOBS for our teeming army of graduates as opposed to the current order of turning graduates into indolent people whose offices is only on the social media to defend the misgovernance of their paymasters.

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7. Mr. OMENUWOMA, we are paying you in lump sum all the money that could have been your take home in 10 months had you accepted the offer from the Delta State Government to abandon your convictions. We are doing this to encourage more youths to stand firm by their convictions and KNOW THAT LIFE DOES NOT BEGIN AND END IN GOVERNMENT. There is life outside government and if our governments are living up to their mandates, not everyone has to be in government to have the right to live a decent life.

We encourage you and other Isoko youths to continue to stand firm by your convictions with the hope that in our lifetime, Nigeria and indeed Isoko will witness good governance where graduates will graduate from school into meaningful and rewarding employments. This is not too much to hope for.

God bless the Isoko nation.






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