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“Peter Obi and Labour Party have done much to deepen our democracy” Reno Omokri says as he thanks the LP Presidential candidate

Reno Omokri has gone on Instagram to hail the Labour Party and its Presidential Candidate Peter Obi.

The author, who was critical of Obi and his supporters before the election, shared a photo of Donatus Matthew, a bike rider who was elected to the House of Representative in Kaduna after contesting under the umbrella of the Labour Party.

In the caption, Reno wrote: “Under Labour Party, an okada rider Donatus Matthew won election to the House of Representative in Kaduna. This is democracy in its purest form. And for this, I thank Peter Obi and the Labour Party. Both of them have done much to deepen our democracy.”

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Reno later edited his caption to add: “I never envisaged that this could happen in Nigeria in the year 2023. In the future, perhaps I imagined it happening. But not now. If Labour continues this way, they will make Nigeria a more egalitarian society. This news will make Labour more acceptable in Kano, the centre of Northern egalitarianism, which is the utopian ideal that the late Aminu Kanu tried to build with the Talakawa through the Northern Elements Progressive Union, and later his Peoples Redemption Party.”

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