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PDP Has No Chance At All In The 2023 Presidential Contest

2023 Presidential Contest

…The only way out is for Atiku to withdraw from the contest and take Ogbonnaya Onu ‘s 1999 option by backing Obi for president

By: Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia

Not even in the North will PDP make an improved journey from the 2019 outing.

They won’t also make any improved journey in the entire South Zone.

The only way out is for Atiku to surrender the presidential ticket for him to be substituted or form an alliance with Labour Party.

PDP should go into alliance with LP for the Presidential election and also Atiku should adopt Ogbonnaya Onu’s position in 1999 when he surrendered his presidential ticket to Olu Falea even when APP was a major party than AD then.

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Atiku can not talk about being a unifier without sacrificing for unification.

It would have been unacceptable for Obasanjo to attempt to hand over to Sunday Awoniyi who is a Yoruba from Kogi state, Saraki who is a Yoruba from Kwara State or even Tinubu who is also a Yoruba in 2007.

Buhari is from the Fulani tribe and it won’t be welcome for someone from his tribe like Atiku to succeed him. This is another place PDP failed and more reason I stated that WADATA lacks a strategic think tank to drive opposition to victory.

It is also against the unity of the country which Atiku claimed that he is for, yet refused to allow power shift to the South after Buhari’s 8years tenure. How can Atiku and PDP think that North will succeed a Northern President after 8 years of a Northern presidency? Wadata has lost its think tank!

No person from a particular tribe in Nigeria including Igbo, Tiv, Yoruba, Fulani, Ijaw etc will be allowed to succeed his or her tribal person after 8 years of his brother in Nigeria.


PDP has lost the election before the election… It is unfortunate that the WADATA team only understands the dollar 💵 message instead of the winning strategy.

They are lazy to work for information that will put their party in a strategic position for victory.

They are too arrogant to the extent that they erroneously assumed that once you have a PDP ticket, you win the election.

It is a pity how they have refused to adjust and I can bet you that PDP will be struggling even in Adamawa State to win the Presidential election if they go with their current set-up.

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The way out is for His Excellency, Atiku Abubakar to withdraw and adopt an alliance approach like APP/Ogbannaya Onu did in 1999.

Note: This is my personal opinion as a citizen.


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