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Pastor Tests Virginity Of Unmarried Girls And Issues Certificates In His Church

The Nazareth Baptist Church located in Ebuhleni, South Africa is said to have carried out a virginity test on its unmarried female congregants and issued certificates to those who have stayed abstained from s3x.

The reason behind the virginity test is believed to encourage young women in soceity to abstain from premarital s3xual activities. The test is carried out every year at the Nazareth Baptist Church in South Africa. The founder and leader of the church who conducts the test pen down their signatures on all the certificates of the women that passed.

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The young women who are found to be real virgins are given a white mark on their foreheads to give them an identity and be recognised as someone having led a chaste life. Surprisingly, the certificates issued are valid for onky one year. It is only valid until the next test is conducted again. Staying away from s3xual activities in recent years are very hard for many people.

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The practice by the South African Church has been praised by many individuals across the globe. Many netizens have reacted to this piece. Kindly read some of their reaction below.

I SUPPORT this! . . . a GOOD thing to emulate! . . . s3x is the STRONGHOLD of the devil in destroying lives! . . . this is the way to go! . . . virgins earn more respect from men and God! . . . why did God chose Mary to born Jesus? . . .

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