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Nurse Caught Red-Handed Sleeping With Lover In Hospital Toilet (Video)

Nurse Caught Red-Handed Sleeping With Lover In Hospital Toilet

A male nurse was discovered unfaithfully sleeping with a married woman in one of the restrooms at the Mkwasine Clinic in Chiredzi District, Masvingo Province.

Nicholas Nyamupanedengu, a nurse, reportedly called his married lover after she had gone to a nearby school to collect her ID and intended to sate their cravings in the lavatory.

A source who preferred to remain absolutely anonymous said that when the pair was found yelling and mumbling in the restroom, both staff and customers were shocked……….Continue Reading


Both medical staff and patients were in disbelief after the truly horrifying episode.
A nurse’s aide who needed to use the restroom noticed the couple.

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They could have carried it out secretly,  so I suppose their lack of restraint allowed this to happen. To avoid being the target of such an unpleasant and repulsive conduct, let’s all learn to exercise self-control.

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