Nothing Wrong With Muslim-Muslim Ticket, But We Pray Tinubu Isn't Treated Like MKO Abiola - Rashidi Ladoja |
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Nothing Wrong With Muslim-Muslim Ticket, But We Pray Tinubu Isn’t Treated Like MKO Abiola – Rashidi Ladoja

Rashidi Ladoja, a former governor of Oyo State, has stated that he does not have time to argue with traditionalists or worry about a Muslim-Muslim ticket in the 2023 presidential election since he sees nothing wrong with the President and Vice President sharing the same faith.

Instead of worrying about a Muslim-Muslim ticket, the former governor urged Nigerians to start praying for Bola Tinubu, the party’s presidential candidate, so that he would not be treated like the late MKO Abiola.

Abiola, a Southwestern Muslim who ran for president in Nigeria’s 1993 election with a northern Muslim named Baba Gana Kingibe, won the race but passed away in prison in 1998 before taking office because military dictator Ibrahim Babangida had declared the election invalid.

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After this year’s Ed-el-Kabir prayers, Ladoja addressed his home community in Bodija, the capital of Oyo State, and insisted that the Muslim-Muslim ticket was neither his problem nor something that should prevent the country from electing leaders.

He asserts that the mood surrounding the same-religion ballot does not make sense because Ismail and Isaac, the forefathers of Islam and Christianity, were brothers, but that only politicians are responsible for creating an issue with such ballots.

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According to Ladoja, his concern is how Tinubu will be treated if he eventually wins the presidency, according to Daily Trust.

“There are many considerations involved in electing a president,” the former governor remarked. Everyone who wishes to be president and those who work for him must put in a lot of effort. When they consult, they will need even more prayers. Despite all of these attempts, God ultimately decides who is elected president. Along with his Muslim vice, Chief MKO Abiola was elected to office.

“Our only prayer is that Tinubu’s victory would not have the same outcome as that of the late MKO Abiola. Because I don’t get involved in religious issues, I don’t see anything wrong with a Muslim-Muslim ticket. Christians and Muslims share a common ancestor. Ismail and Isaac, who are siblings, are followed by different people. What then does it mean for me to fight for one of them? I don’t have time to argue with traditionalists. “Why must we argue over religion when only God knows his servants? All religions, including conventional religion, advocate for virtue and love. Politicians are the only ones that typically instigate religious crises.

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