‘There is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol, it is not a sin’- Rev Owusu Bempah | MyLatestGist.com

‘There is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol, it is not a sin’- Rev Owusu Bempah

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Alcohol consumption is not a sin, according to self-made nation prophet Rev Owusu Bempah.

There is a definite contrast between consuming alcohol and being intoxicated, according to the acclaimed man of God and founder of Prophetic Hill Chapel.

Rev Owusu Bempah, in a phone-in conversation with Okay FM, also said that Jesus Christ himself encouraged Christians to drink alcohol in order to remember him.

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According to reports, God’s high-ranking man of opinion said:

“Someone cannot say it’s a sin as you are drinking alcohol and not getting drunk. For example, the Lord said the whole earth the only person who was clean in his sight is Noah. The Lord saw Noah as a clean man but the truth is Noah had a palm plantation where he produced palm wine”.

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“One of the days he could not control himself well that he got drunk as a result of drinking the palm wine but that didn’t take him away from God. He slept when he got drunk, he slept and his nakedness was made known to the public reason why I will also condemn getting drunk”

“When Jesus came, he did not condemn alcohol, he prayed for water to turn into wine. It wasn’t Fanta neither was it coke. The people said something during the time, they said so there is this nice drink and you made us drink this bitter drink. To the best of my understanding, Jesus didn’t change water into coke or Fanta”.

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