Northern Group Orders Tinubu To Retire From Politics Over His Shocking Age |
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Northern Group Orders Tinubu To Retire From Politics Over His Shocking Age

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According to the Arewa Youth Advisory Forum, All Progressives National Assembly leader Bola Tinubu should retire from politics due to his advanced age because he may be unable to deal with the complexities and challenges of leading a country like Nigeria.

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In an interview with SaharaReporters on Sunday, AYCF’ s national leader, Yerima Shettima, announced this. Tinubu is visiting London. Shettima went on to say that Tinubu should be content with its role of educating young minds to take control of the country’ s affairs because Nigeria needs to be forward- thinking rather than ” washing old hands. ” ” Well, I can’ t say exactly how old Tinubu is because her age has been a source of contention for many years, ” team leader Arewa said.

However, given the latest trends in global democracy space demand, I have my doubts. Still young and adaptable enough to meet the challenges of modern management. ” With all due respect to Asiwaju, I don’ t see why he shouldn’ t retire from politics after serving as governor and senator for many years.

” You see, I believe that Nigeria’ s leadership should be focused on mentoring young people to take over the old team, rather than washing the elderly’ s hands. ” Furthermore, Asiwaju has been a long- standing citizen and, as we have seen since 2015, should accept the role of guardian for the younger generation. “

When asked about the whereabouts of Hakeem Baba- Ahmed, a spokesman for the Northern Elderly Forum said it doesn’ t matter if the next president after President Muhammadu Buhari comes from the north. ” We should not insist on geography and choose between the majority and the minority, ” he said.

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” These are the two factors that should be the focus of our investigation. I don’ t believe democracy is based on ethnicity, religion, or geography, and I believe the Northern Elderly Forum recognizes this. As we all know, true justice, fairness, and balance in a democratic system occur when the majority has its way and the minority has a say.

” It was around 200 years ago that democracy was born. “

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This is where democracy began, around 200 years ago. Without prejudice to the right of all Nigerians to run for president, this does not blind us to the position of the majority and minorities in the democratic process. “

Regarding the hype surrounding Igbo’ s presidency in 2023, Shettima added: ” So, Igbo, like other Nigerians, is free to run for president of the country, but not to nominate. Voters have the right to select the candidate of their choice. However, I believe that with today’ s approach to Nigerian politics, they make many avoidable mistakes. “

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