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Nnamdi and Udi Okoh chart new course for e-commerce.

By G9ija

That the world is a “global village” might sound cliché but many businesses that have positioned themselves to access the international market have found cross-border upscaling to be rewarding. The growing interconnectedness of the global economy presents upsides in the form of a boost in customer acquisition, enhanced business visibility, diversified revenue profile risks, and exponential growth for businesses expanding their footprint.

One of the platforms with a proven record of supporting business growth is Terminal Africa. Founded by two brothers, Udi and Nnamdi Okoh, Terminal Africa is an aggregator of logistics services that connect individuals and businesses, from micro-scale to large corporations, with trusted logistics services providers.

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“We founded Terminal Africa officially in 2021. For many years, my brother and I have worked with various African entrepreneurs and helped them create online businesses.” Udi says.

“By doing this, we learned more about the problems eCommerce businesses face with logistics and gradually built Terminal into the solution that we have today.” Nnamdi added.

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