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NLC Defiant: Refusing to Comply with Frivolous Court Injunctions

NLC Defiant: Refusing to Comply with Frivolous Court Injunctions

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has raised its dissatisfaction with the increasing number of injunctions issued by judges that impede the Congress from protesting against government policies they deem unfavorable. NLC President, Comrade Joe Ajaero, has called upon the Supreme Court and the National Judicial Council (NJC) to take decisive action against judges who issue such injunctions…….Continue Reading

According to the NLC, these injunctions not only infringe upon the Congress’ rights, as enshrined in legal instruments such as ILO Conventions, the Trade Union Act, the Trade Dispute Act, the 1999 Constitution, and the African Charter on Human Rights but also violate the Supreme Court’s stance against the misuse of ex parte orders. Specifically, the NLC highlighted the recent case involving the Federal Government of Nigeria, where Justice O.Y. Anuwe issued an order restraining the NLC from protesting against the increased pump price of PMS (Premium Motor Spirit).

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The NLC strongly believes that these injunctions curtail their right to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech. They express concerns over what they perceive as judges accommodating the executive branch’s interests, referring to them as “black market injunctions.” The NLC warns that they will no longer respect such injunctions and will actively protest by picketing the court. Additionally, they have initiated legal actions to challenge the existing injunction through their legal representatives. The NLC emphasizes that when citizens lose faith in the judiciary, the risk of resorting to self-help increases, leading to unpredictable consequences.

In response to these concerns, the NLC calls upon the Supreme Court and the NJC to promptly address judges who issue frivolous injunctions. They argue that taking action against erring judges is essential to uphold the judiciary’s integrity and preserve public trust in the legal system. By addressing this issue, the NLC believes the rights of workers and citizens will be safeguarded, ensuring a fair and just society for all.

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The NLC’s stance reflects the growing need to protect fundamental rights and maintain a judiciary that remains independent and unbiased. The resolution of this matter will be crucial in determining the balance between citizens’ rights and the authority of the judiciary in the context of peaceful protests.

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