Nigerians Should Expect Radical Change —Obi

Nigerians Should Expect Radical Change —Obi

Evangelist Chukwuebeka Obi is the founder of Zion Prayer Movement Outreach Ministry, Ago-Okota, Lagos State. In this interview with SEYI SOKOYA, he speaks about his journey into the vineyard, empowering youths, and national issues.

What is your take on the situation in the country?

There is no hope for the youth. Everybody is crying. If you watch the youth, you will find out that this is the first time they are really coming out for an election. That shows that everybody is ready for change. The rich and poor are crying. Everybody is affected in one way or the other. People are not even safe in their homes, forests, and churches. The economy is getting worse on a daily basis. We are experiencing a hard time in the history of this country. We must all go out to vote; not prayer alone. We should expect a radical change; a nation without a plan for the youth is a nation without vision. Our youths are hardworking, but there is no job. That is why you see high-level prostitution, kidnapping, and other vices.

Tell us how it all started in God’s vineyard?……..Continue Reading

I was born into a family of seven in Imo State; my mum was married for seven years without a child. Then girls came and then she cried for a male child. Eventually, she got a revelation that she would have two sons and they would both serve God all their lives. I was born in a sanctuary and grew up there. I started seeing vision at the age of eight years; then, people used to come to me and I told them what would happen to them. When I was 12 years old, there was a priest they brought to my village. He loved and cherished the gifts of God in my life. He asked me to avoid three things: the first was to make sure I do not have sex with a woman before marriage. He saw me ministering to a multitude, but I should make sure I do not have a church and that if I keep those three things, God will use me.

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So, while I was growing up I didn’t have a girlfriend, which also affected my relationship with my sisters. Then I joined a charismatic revival group in my village; people came to me and I was telling them things. It was a gift and a calling from the womb. I grew up with it. I remember the day a Yoruba man came to buy something from us. He had a wound that was smelling. I laid my hands on the wound and it dried up the next day. It was a wound that he had carried for years. This place is not a church, but a prayer ministry.

People come here to pray and go. I am still a Catholic and would remain a catholic. This is a prayer ground that is the promise I made with God when I was 12 years old. God has been faithful and always confirms all my words, and messages with signs and miracles.

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You empower the youth; tell us about some of the things that you have done.

In the past year, we have rehabilitated over 800 prostitutes from various hotels and we are giving them jobs. We have a foundation working in seven states and we want to open a psychiatric home. If you move around streets, markets, you will see mad people everywhere andit is very bad. For some of them, it is due to frustration and there is no plan for them. Our psychiatric foundation is starting inAnambra State and we would have a bus moving around to pick these people in the different states.

How did the ministry start?

I used to go to a deserted place to have quiet time and pray. A lot ofpeople started coming there to see me, then the owner of the place gotthreatened and sent us packing. That was how some people from nowhere got this site for the ministry. It wasn’t in my plan at all.

What inspired your 100-day fasting and prayer programme?

In 2009, we started with 40 days annual fasting programme, but lastyear, we extended it to 100 days and we are continuing with that this year. We are praying for Nigeria against killing, kidnapping, and for the many people who are dying in the North. Indeed, no part of the country is safe.Even in the church, you see blood in the sanctuary. Our prayer is for God to take us to the next level. We have everything to be the best in the world.

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If you meet the nation’s leaders, what would you tell them?

God has been saying so many things to me, which I communicated to my people. I have been passing the messages and I tell them the truth.

The Lord told me that I am the voice of the End-time. That is why they say that my messages are controversial but they all come to pass.

There was a footballer in the UK who was falsely accused of rape; a prophecy came and he was released. For the 2023 elections, Nigerians should pray very well because the cloud is very dark. I have met some of them already. I tell them the simple truth.

Our leaders must do the right thing. I went to South Africa and saw the way they are still honouring Mandela. I went to a mall and they were kissing the statue of Mandela. So, whatever you do is what you will be remembered for. What you have in your bank account is not as important as what you do to make other people smile.

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