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Nigerian Player Revealed How Women Nearly Destroyed His Career

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Go Round FC attacker, Ugwu Onyedikachi has revealed a top secret that could destroy career of a footballer.

Onyedikachi who has been on a good scoring streak has netted five goals this season in the Nigerian National League (NNL) and is elated about his new form.

Currently top of group B2 of the NNL, Go Round FC are chasing promotion to the NPFL next season. And their leading attacker in an interview with foremost sports journalist, China Acheru revealed how he’s found his new scoring touch.

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It’s the grace of God. The grace that’s following me. I said something this season, that the kind of life that I lived before, this season I’m not going to do it again. I just dropped everything and followed God and now it’s working for me.” Onyedikachi said.

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By the grace of God this season, I’m going to be the highest goal scorer in NNL. And Go Round FC will be where we are supposed to be.” He continued.

Onyedikachi further admitted that womanising doesn’t bring the goals.

Womanising. That’s the only bad life I know I’m living before. But this time I’ve dropped everything. That’s why grace of God followed me. So I thank God for everything.”

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The attacker said he has eight goals still to come during the season. And he has scored one of those eight already.

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