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NANS Threatens Nationwide protest

NANS Threatens Nationwide protest

The leadership of the student bodies in Ogun state in an emergency discussion earlier today have deliberated the adverse effect the scarcity of fuel and naira redesign has subjected Nigerians to in the past few weeks. We consider the policy of the naira redesign as a deficient policy with lack of planning to be able to cater for the demands of the Nigerian people owing to the crisis it has created than it is solving. This is just as Nigerians are going through hell to purchase petrol at indiscriminate prices decided by individual oil marketer. One would begin to ask if those involved in the planning of the national economy at this critical point in time have any idea of 21st century economy management.

According to the statement jointly signed by COMR. Ekundina Segun Elvis NANS NATIONAL DEPUTY SENATE PRESIDENT, COMR. Kehinde Damilola Simeon, CHAIRMAN NANS JCC OGUN AXIS, COMR. Ogunrombi Gbemileke Emmanuel, GLOBAL PRESIDENT, Naoss, COMR. Thomas Kehinde Matthew DEPUTY DIRECTOR CAMPUS INTERVENTION………………….CONTINUE READING

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NANS NATIONAL, The statement of the president of the country, Muhammadu Buhari through his twitter page earlier today appealing to Nigerians to give his administration more days to solve the naira availability crisis has further revealed that this administration lack the knowledge on how to solve the problem it has created. The naira redesign which according to the Presidency and CBN Governor is aimed at stopping and identifying corrupt politicians is having more negative effects on the masses than their fellow corrupt politicians whom they claim to be running after. It is only the poor masses that go to the bank and queue to withdraw money. Only the poor people go to the bank to deposit. Only the poor buy and sell openly with cash at local markets. The so called corrupt politician whom they claimed to be running after do no engage in any of these. As a matter of fact, it will only take these politicians few calls to a number of directors in commercial banks in the country for them to deposit and withdraw. That is if these politicians do not own a large share in most of the banks. Obviously, the policy is inflicting pain, hunger, frustration and desperation to survive on Nigerians.

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Similarly, the selling of the national asset, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to private investors has worsen the crisis of fuel availability and price in Nigeria since it was sold to private investors. Again, this Buhari government failed woefully to manage the petroleum industry well and rehabilitate all our national refineries as promised in 2015. for an administration that has failed to take drastic step to resolve issue of corruption and petroleum products scarcity for eight years, what then can they miraculously achieve by this eleventh hour naira redesign and NNPC selling? Evidently, these decisions are either not thoroughly planned or wielded to fight personal battles which unfortunately we the poor masses are suffering for.

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Conclusively, we have resolved that only a strong resistance by the Nigerian people can rescue us from this quagmire the Buhari government has decided to throw Nigerians in their last days in power. In this regard, we have concluded that from TUESDAY February 7, 2023, we shall mobilise our forces to shutdown the Lagos-Ibadan and Lagos-Abeokuta highway to express our grievances and demanded for reversal against these anti-people policies of Buhari’s government. We demand a reversal in fuel price now. We demand that naira, whether new or old be made available enough to circulate round to Nigerians to meet their daily basic needs. We enjoin all Nigerians to remain steadfast and join in this solidarity action.

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