Men: Five Things To Avoid When Appreciating A Lady

Men: Five Things To Avoid When Appreciating A Lady

Knowing how to compliment a girl in the best way shows her that you care. There are many ways to compliment a girl. Every girl is different, but the best compliments for girls tend to be those which veer away from the regular and air more towards the creative. To help you out when learning how to compliment a girl in the right way, In this particular write-up, we shall look at few things to avoid when complimenting a girl.

Don’t compliment her on her looks. Unless you’ve been seeing each other for a while, of course. Everyone likes being appreciated for their looks, but it’s not what women want to be valued for most. It’s perfectly fine to compliment your date on her looks, but only if you’re comfortable with each other. If not, commenting on her appearance just comes off as shallow and makes women suspicious of your intentions………Continue Reading

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Don’t compliment any of her body parts. Not even her eyes. Again, unless you’ve been together for a while. It’s worse when you focus on specific body parts because these areas usually cannot be changed easily. Body dysmorphia is a prevalent and serious condition, and is always connected to a woman’s anatomical standards for her body. Your commentary might exacerbate the issue. The best compliments for girls avoid this issue completely.

Never compliment her on her age. It gives women a sense of impending doom, especially when another wrinkle appears on her forehead. It also denotes that she will have to stay young in order to receive your affection.

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Don’t give tips that are disguised as compliments. It’s quite stupid to think that, “You’re so pretty when you wear red” or “You’re so beautiful when you smile” are legitimate compliments. It’s quite obvious that they are manipulative nudges for you to change a woman to fit your needs.

Don’t tell her she’s not like other girls. Being unlike other girls is not a compliment. It seems insincere and makes a woman feel pressured to avoid getting caught up in the normal things that are expected of girls. So what if she likes sports, too? Being more than or less than another girl is never a compliment.

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