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Meet The Tribe Who Feed The Body Of Their Dead Ones To Vultures

Culture is the way of life of a people. It is through norms that ethnic groups around the world are distinguished one another. This means that what is correct in Asia may be incorrect in Africa. The Tibétans’ method of burial is a perfect illustration of this.

Tibétans are found in small numbers in India and Nepal. These few thousand individuals still care about and respect their culture. I won’ t delve deeper than necessary into the origins of these people, so let’ s move on to their burial customs.

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There are numerous burial practices across cultures. placing bodies in six- foot- deep graves to reducing them to ashes. Tibétans practice feeding their loved ones to vultures. They believe this is the best way to send their deceased loved ones to heaven.

This is typically scheduled between 08: 00 and 11: 00 (Beijing time) in the morning. As soon as the individual’ s demise has been confirmed, Jhator monks will be summoned. The monks will then perform the ritual, after which the hair will be removed the head and burned along with other non- essential body parts. The skull and vertebrae are shattered into small, consumable fragments. And within an hour, the vultures would have consumed the body.

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