Meet The Man Who Married Over 53 unique women within 43 years

Meet The Man Who Married Over 53 Women In Just 43 Years

Just recently, a Saudi Arabian man has caused a lot of controversy on the internet after he explained he got married to over 53 unique ladies just within 43 years. The man, who is a womanizer claims that he couldn’ t stick to only one woman because he wanted to know what different women in the world tasted like. The man who is around the age of 65 years claims he has no regret and he is looking forward to even marrying more women in the years to come.

Abu Abdullah wedded his most memorable spouse when he was just 20 years of age. She was six years his senior, and for a period, she was all he wanted. They had kids together and everything was working out positively, however, at that point issues began showing up in his life and he chose to wed once more. At 23 years old, he illuminated to his better half that he intended to require a subsequent spouse and turned into a polygamist……….Continue Reading

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Then, at that point, as issues began emerging before his two mates, he took on a third spouse, and afterward a fourth. Nonetheless, things just deteriorated, so he separated from his first and second spouses, and afterward did likewise with the third and fourth, as they had additionally begun contending. Be that as it may, his journey for solidness proceeded.

Even though he didn’ t uncover whether he at last found ” the one” , Abu Abdullah said that he is presently hitched to one lady and doesn’ t want to remarry at any point down the road. The greater part of his spouse has been Saudi, however, he wedded one unfamiliar lady on a work trip that endured a couple of months.

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