Meet Teenage Millionaire, Prosperity Olorunfemi

Prosperity Olorunfemi proclaimed he became a millionaire at seventeen.

The teenager became a sensation on LinkedIn when he made the public declaration of becoming a millionaire within six months of starting a business with a thousand naira he borrowed from his friend.

Prosperity Olorunfemi, a Nigerian teenager who runs a digital business, declared himself a millionaire at 17.

Olorunfemi made the declaration on LinkedIn after tracking his financial records.

Speaking about his journey, the digital marketer and content creator recounted how he borrowed money from a friend to start his own business in 2021.

Speaking on his journey to becoming a millionaire, Olorunfemi said he started an e-commerce business where he imports earpods from China and sells them in Nigeria.

He made the declaration of being a teenage millionaire in one of his posts on LinkedIn. He said, “So yesterday, I decided to track my financial records and I discovered that my business did a whooping 1.1 million Naira in total credit within six months…

“I can proudly call myself a self-made millionaire at 17.”

Speaking to Legit, Olorunfemi opened up on how he started his online business.

“When I graduated from secondary school in 2019, I had a strong belief in the possibilities of earning online. But my obstacle was a phone. I couldn’t get a phone no matter what I tried and my parents were also not willing at this period.”

“Later in 2021, my mum handed over her used and hanging phone to me and I started up with that online. July 2021, I borrowed money from a friend to start my own business. I bought earpods from China and sold them online to people.”

His LinkedIn profile gave a glimpse of his working experience. Olorunfemi started as an intern video editor with VideoBiz, where he managed camera footage by adding sound effects, graphics, and special effects to create a coherent video. In this capacity, he also works alongside scriptwriters to birth creative ideas for content creation.

Olorunfemi, according to his Linkedin profile, worked for eleven months with VideoBiz before leaving to start his e-commerce business.

His e-commerce business, IsellEarpods, is a digital marketing network for physical products. It is also a business that handles business development and advertising. His consistent activity with this e-commerce business projected him to be a millionaire within six months.

According to him, he said “I initially started my first business without a bank account, I was leveraging on my mum’s account to run transactions. However it was not without funding, even if it wasn’t a large sum.”

He also admitted that running the business comes with some challenges which he has been able to sweep under his feet and is still ready to conquer more.

In an interview he said, To overcome them, I have to do better and whenever I try and fail, I learn to do it again and do it better. That summarises it.”

“I’m no fan of “aspire to Maguire”, I believe you have the potential to get any resource you need for whatever plans you have, the business that’s doing well for itself today all started from an idea, executing that Idea brought us this far.”

Olorunfemi is also the founder and CEO of RUMONEY,  a financial education-based brand that provides financial services.

Aside from several certifications he has gotten online, he is also studying computer science at Ekiti State University.


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