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Meet Singers Who Have Inspired Fans With Their Decency Of Not Tattooing Their Bodies

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According to reports, the practice of using ink to create designs on one’ s body through the application of tattoos has since become common among many celebrities in the entertainment industry.

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Skin tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years, and it is difficult to find a public figure who hasn’ t gotten one. Despite the fact that inking the body appears to be the new normal for a large percentage of musicians in the Nigerian music industry, there are still some who have managed to keep their skins unblemished.

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Number one, Banky W

He is a well- known figure in the entertainment industry as both a singer and a politician of Nigerian descent. During his prime years in the music industry, Banky W did a lot of things, but getting body tattoos was not one of those things. Since his marriage in 2017, the 41- year- old has adopted a more conservative approach to life, and any possibility that he would ever tattoo his body has been completely eliminated.

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M. I. Abaga is number two on the list.

Despite the fact that the 40- year- old singer has been keeping a low profile in the music industry for quite some time, there’ s no denying that he’ s still one of Africa’ s most talented rappers. M. I, on the other hand, is an artist who does not have any tattoos or anything of the sort on his or her body. Earlier this month, the singer made two major announcements: first, he announced his engagement, and second, he announced his plans to release another album, which has the potential to win a Grammy.

D’ banj is the third member of the group

The Koko Master was a sensation in the music industry during his time with Mo’ Hits, thanks to his numerous hit songs and awards during that time. Despite his celebrity and wealth, D’

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banj has never been photographed with body tattoos, despite his extensive public appearances.

Teni is the fourth

The singer- songwriter has managed to maintain her relevance in the music industry since breaking onto the scene in 2018 with two hit songs, ” Case” and ” Uyo Meyo. ” It appears that the talented singer has avoided the current trend of getting tattoos, though there is no guarantee that this will be the case throughout her professional life.

Simi is the fifth

Simi has been making waves in the music industry for a much longer period of time than most female artists, but she has never been one to conform to the trend of tattooing her body. Even if she didn’ t do it then, when she was still single, the likelihood of her doing it now, when she is married and has a child, is extremely remote.

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Naira Marley is number sixth on the list.

Because of his controversial musical style, it is only natural that Naira Marley would reign supreme when it comes to the design of body tattoos. In spite of the fact that he frequently posts videos and photos without a shirt on, there has been no evidence of tattoos on his body.

Yemi Alade is number seven on the list

She is one of the most talented Nigerian singers, as well as the country’ s most followed female celebrity on social media, Instagram. The ” Johnny” crooner has flawless skin, which she maintains

by avoiding tattoos and other tattoo- related products.

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