Meet The Hindu Monk Who Can Pull A Vehicle With His P£nis |
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Meet The Hindu Monk Who Can Pull A Vehicle With His P£nis

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India is indeed an incredible place with billions of people of different talents and cultures. Guinness world record has presented and awarded people with different talents and abilities, one man was once awarded for pulling a car with his ear, while the other was awarded for pulling and aeroplane with his strength. Discover the story of a man who pulled a truck with his genital.

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Any festival, religious or not, is usually surprising due to issues ranging from the number of participants to the presentations that take place throughout the event itself.

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A festival that is taking place in India turned out to a very peculiar specific moment, in which a sadhu, who is a man considered a saint in Hinduism, fulfilled the task of pulling a vehicle that was attached to his p£nis.

The scene took place in Allahabad, northern India, during the annual Magh Mela festival, which kicked off on 2 January. The festival lasts 45 days and, during this period, worshipers bathe in the waters at the confluence of the sacred rivers of Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati.

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Faith and strength

The monk who caught the world’ s attention with his presentation is one of those who live without any material attachment, even giving up wearing clothes and surviving on the donations they receive from other people.

These monks also practice yoga and end up performing tasks that can demonstrate physical strength, which they consider proof of spirituality and mastery of yoga techniques. As you can see, sometimes these tasks involve lifting or carrying objects with the p£nis.

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It is not just this modality that is successful, however. Radhey Shyam Prajapati, for example, is a Hindu who holds the Guinness world record for spending the most time in the same position– eight hours, five minutes and five seconds.

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