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Meet The Animal That Mates For 14 Hours And Dies Immediately After

The antechinus, a small, mouselike marsupial native to Australia, would be almost unnoticed if it weren’ t for one peculiar fact: males of this genus copulate with females for up to 12 hours straight during their brief mating season, depleting their bodies of vital proteins and dismantling their immune systems in the process. The weary males die soon after, and the females go on to birth of mixed paternity (different babies have different fathers). Moms survive a little longer to care for their young, but they usually die within a year, having only had one chance to procreate.

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Prior to s*x, male porcupines on females.

Male porcupines congregate around available females once a year, fighting, biting, and clawing for the privilege to mate. After that, the victor climbs a tree branch and urinates copiously on the female, causing her to go into estrus. The rest is a bit of a letdown: the female folds her quills back to avoid impaling her lover, and conception takes barely a few seconds.

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Female chickens, sometimes known as hens, are smaller than roosters and can’ t always avoid mating with less- than- desirable males. Enraged or dissatisfied females, on the other hand, might evacuate up to 80% of the offending male’ s sperm after the deed, potentially allowing them to not be impregnated by those roosters.

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