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Meet 7 Popular Nigerian Celebrities Who Drastically Changed After Going Through Weight Loss Journey

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The truth is that the stress of losing weight most especially among celebrities who have very busy schedules is a ‘ no joke’ at all. Some of them even had to go through the temptations of been lured into eating their favorite junks, including the stress of a gruesome workout. In all honesty, celebrities who can really try to stick to weight loss regimen to get their anticipated results deserve much accolodes.

There are some of the Nollywood actresses who have gone through so many inspiring weight loss journey, and today, we are going to be talking about them.

Listed below are 6 celebrities who have drastically changed after going through their weight loss journey:

1. Ibru Elvina

It is a no joke that the Nollywood actress, Ibru Elvina must have really gone through so much to reduce her body weight, speaking from the pictures above.

Speaking with the Nation, she revealed that her major reason for working so hard to loose her body weight was not to look more appealing but because she had thought that her health condition was already in a mess. She had weighed not less than 210kg even though she was 5 feet 11 tall but she still felt so inferior among most of her colleagues in the industry.

But as at today, she looks so beautiful in her new 30kg body weight.

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2. Ngozi Ezeonu

Ngozi Ezeonu had taken her fans by surprise after her extreme body weight loss.

In an interview, she said she wasn’ t going through any sort of ailment as people had thought of her but had been suffering from over body weight for ten good years.

She had also revealed that she had achieved her new body weight loss as she had to boycott her addicted juice, Coca- Cola and too much of carbohydrates as she had to eat more of vegetables and proteins.

3. OkonLagos- Emem Bishop Umoh

Okon Lagos as he is called, really surprised so many of his fans who have always made jest of his big belly and extreme body weight, as they were so happy to see him loosen all the unadmired fat flesh.

He had also happily attributed his new body transformation to all the routines and measures he took to look better.

4. Mercy Johnson Okojie

The mother of four, had announced after her fourth baby that she would love to go through a weight loss journey to get back to shape and she actually did it.

Most of her fans had insisted that her body weight was not bad but the Nollywood actress would not have it at all, knowing how really bad that could even affect her chances of getting good roles in the industry so she deemed it fit for the transformation.

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She encouraged people who fell into her group to use money meant for slimming or shed teas to buy and eat more fruits and vegetables and do the right exercises and they would see the real magic.

5. Lepacious Bose

Her massive body size had attracted so many eyeballs rolling at her look which made her felt so uncomfortable to attend any social gathering at all.

Being a comedian, she had even decided to coin her body size into comedy, just to avoid much embarrassments and critics from people.

She even revealed that anytime they were observing their fasting and prayers in church, if asked to signify she was on fasting and she says yes, no one believes that she was.

She had gotten the name ‘ Lepacious Bose’ after loosing her body weight from 32kg to 14kg, that’ s about 70 kilograms.

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6. Georgina Ibeh Chinenye

Actress Georgina Ibeh had revealed how bad she felt when she kept on receiving same roles of ‘ old mama’ over and over again to her displeasure and she was definitely sure it was intentionally done by her producers because of her extreme huge body weight, to mock her.

She said at a stage she could no longer bear it and she had to enroll herself in a gyming centre at Asaba where she began her weight loss journey. She boycotted excess carbohydrates and had to eat more of protein diet, fruits and vegetables. Luckily, from weighing over 98. 9kg, she went down to 75. 6kg.

She revealed that the fruits, vegetables and exercise were perfectly good combos to a beautiful, healthy looking body.


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