Mangu LG Was A Complete Fulani Dynasty But Plateau Govt Is Planning To Displace Them— Miyetti Allah

Chairman of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association (MACBAN) in Plateau State, Mallam Nura Mohammad, has alleged that the Plateau State Govt is planning to displace Fulani from the state completely. Recall that recently, there have been cases of tribal clashes between suspected Fulani herders and some tribes in the Mangu Local Govt area of the state. The situation became worse that it warranted the Federal Government to send an army battalion to the area before normalcy returned.

In an exclusive interview with Tribune paper, however, Nura alleged that the continued killing of Fulani in Mangu and its environments is a plan by the Plateau State Govt to completely chase the Fulani people out of the state. He claimed that Fulani were the original inhabitants of Mangu since before the colonial era, but today they are being killed daily.

Nura further stated that for the past 20 years that Plateau State has been experiencing crises of this nature, Fulanis had been suspected of attacking the natives but the truth is they are the ones being killed.

“There is a planned agenda; this government has an agenda to displace Fulani out of Plateau State completely. They have been saying the Fulanis should leave their ancestral lands. What do they mean? Mangu Local Government was a complete Fulani dynasty, called Butum Chiefdom, where Ardo Dabude was used by the colonial masters for indirect rule, and today the descendants are called non-indigenes and face different kinds of harassment, threats, and intimidation.” He stated.

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