Man Slumps And Dies After Consuming 9 Bottle Of ‘Ogogoro’ In Plateau

Man Slumps And Dies After Consuming 9 Bottle Of ‘Ogogoro’ In Plateau

A yet- to- be- identified man have reportedly died shortly after consuming nine bottles of locally brewed dry gin popularly known as ‘ Ogogoro’ ‘ during a drinking spree in Bokkos local government area of Plateau State.

The young man was said to have visited a local bar in the area and ordered for 11 bottles of locally brewed dry gin a. k. a Ogogoro. According to some eyewitness account, it was gathered that the man boasted to the people at the bar that he was a great drinker, and that he would finish all 11 bottles without getting intoxicated or anything untowered happening to him……..Continue Reading

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It was also gathered that some people at the bar warned the man again the idea, but he ignored all their warnings and began to consume his liquor bottle by bottle one after the other. Sadly, after finishing nine bottles out of the eleven he ordered for, the man started screaming, coughing and vomiting blood from his mouth, ears and nose, and he then slumped to the ground and died.

It was also gathered that the seller of the local gin, and other customers at the bar immediately took to their heels and left the deceased’ s body at the scene immediately the incident happened.

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The unfortunate incident was also confirmed by the one Hafsat Abubakar, an official of the Conflict Mediation Mitigation Regional Council (CMMRC). Hafsat revealed that the man had succeeded in gulping down nine bottles of the dry gin but could not finish the remaining two bottles before he died, she also added that the deceased’ s body was later discovered by a hunter who was passing by and saw the dead man where they had abandoned him, the hunter quickly raised alarm and alerted the villagers who later evacuated the man’ s body to be buried.

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