Man Shares Shocking Story Of How A Pr0stitute And Club Girl Changed His Life For Good |
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Man Shares Shocking Story Of How A Pr0stitute And Club Girl Changed His Life For Good

A Nigerian man has shared the story of his life and how a pr0stitute changed his life for good. He believes his experience can help many people to see those good things can come from the rarest and ignored places.

Read the post shared by AllahKaduna Nzeogwu on Facebook:

“Weeks ago I attended a child dedication ceremony in Port Harcourt, among other notable people in Port Harcourt who were in attendance, was a serving Commissioner in Rivers State. My friend’s child was the celebrant and he was the host.

The mistake most of us made in life is a lack of the wisdom to distinguish a casual friend from a relationship, hence, we treat a prospective partner like a casual girlfriend, and treat a girlfriend like a wife.

Years ago,, my friend and one other of our friends used to be roommates in a room self contain in Port Harcourt. Though things were rough for us, we were almost oblivious of the realities of our poor circumstances, hence our primary concern was money for beer, s3x, food, clothing and contributions for rent.

We were together when he met his wife. We met her in a club, normally any of us taking a woman for the night goes home first, after-action he sends a message then the others come back. The only consideration is that we leave the bed for them and sleep on the floor. The only time we leave the room to sleep in a neighbour’s room is when the girl is not a club girl.


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