Man shares CCTV footage of his cheating wife sneaking out through fence (video)

Man shares CCTV footage of his cheating wife sneaking out through fence (video)

A Nigerian man has cried out online, as he shares CCTV footage, showing the moment his cheating wife was seen sneaking out through fence, in their house.

The man, who rants in indigenous Igbo language was heard explaining how his wife has been cheating in their marriage…….CONTINUE READING

He said that the woman has always been caught in the kitchen, in the middle of the night, around 11 pm to 12 am making calls and speaking with boys.

He also stated that after he observed his wife was cheating, he requested for his SIM card, but the wife refused and decided to jump out of the compound through the fence.

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The man also disclosed in the video that he and the cheating wife got married less then two months ago, before she started bringing shame to the family, through her cheating habit.

The man wondered why his wife has to take such dangerous decision of jumping out from the fence, but he’s certain that she must be leaving to meet the young boys she always talk with, on the phone.

The man’s words as he watches the CCTV read, “Just get your SIM card, that’s why you decided to run, that’s why you decided to pick ladder to climb fence. Tell me the reason you’re running away. Get your SIM card so that your people will see what you’re doing.

“This is one month plus I married you, you’ve been putting out cunning attitude. If you enter kitchen, you’ll be making call throughout the whole night till I sleep off. When it’s 11 or 12 am, you’ll start coming upstairs.

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“Each time I come back, I’ll be calling you on phone, and horning for you to come and open gate for me, but you won’t come out, just because you’re busy making calls with boys and chatting with them. 24 hours your phone is on charge.

“Look at what somebody’s wife is doing. Is this not what a thief does that this woman is doing? Look at the woman I married. Look at how dog is barking at her like she’s a thief. Her own dog is barking at her like a thief. Tell me what she’ll tell herself if she falls down and hit head on the floor? Can you see what my wife is doing?

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Watch the video below.

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