Shocking Man Sees His Dead Wife Living With Another Man |

Shocking Man Sees His Dead Wife Living With Another Man

A man of Kalabo has found his late wife living with another man in Mandanga compound of Mongu.

A man whose ID has been withheld for security reasons was today Sunday June 19th 2022 visiting his old time friend in Mandanga compound. Upon arrival, he was served with a nice meal which was definitely pleasant as it was a somewhat long journey from Kalabo to Mongu and finally to Mandanga.

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After the gentlemen had their meal, they decided to have their throats baptized by some chilled alcoholic beverages from a nearby bar which happens to be at Kahule market in Mandanga.

Upon arrival, the man from Kalabo saw a woman who looked like his late wife who happened to have died of an asthmatic attack five years ago.

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The man couldn’t believe his eyes and almost thought he was suffering from astigmatisms tackled with myopia. But to confirm what he was looking at, he decided to call his late wife by her name; Lo and behold, she turned around and she was the one.

The man was bidazzled and was trembling in fear but the Lozi instinct in him couldn’t let him run as he just said: “Makando halati boi, muuna hasabi sesi sholokota.” This is a Lozi phrase that communicates bravery and lack of cowardice in a man.

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He then confronted his late wife and escorted her to her now husband and explained to him how the woman he is married to died a few years ago.


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