Man Narrates How He Watched His Wife While Sleeping With 8 Married Men |
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Man Narrates How He Watched His Wife While Sleeping With 8 Married Men

” I watched my wife sleeping with eight married men, including close friends and clients, ” a furious husband reveals.

This man seized control of his wife’ s affairs after realizing that she was having affairs with a number of married men. Many of these men, he maintains, are personal friends and customers. On today’ s edition of Tuko Talks, we learn about Tuko’ s struggle with depression and thoughts of suicide.

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Silas was heartbroken to learn that his wife had an extramarital affair with multiple men, including close friends and business associates. Silas was inconsolable as he watched his wife have sèx with eight other husbands.

She slept with his friends, business associates, and other men she met during her encounters with him. Others counseled him to fast and pray for her in the hopes that she would alter her mind. Please bear with my sibling. God will alter her and make her a witness for you. It’ s the work of the devil, no doubt about it. If you give her 60 days of fasting, she will change. It’ s a spiritual experience. Keep your cool and wait for her to change her ways.

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Do you believe it’ s acceptable for a woman to record her affair with her husband’ s friends? Do you believe that men should take action to address this issue? What is the best approach for a couple to maintain their bond? Which of the following things do you believe he should make regarding his children’ s mother?


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