Man Kills His 90- Year- Old Father To Collect His Bank ATM Card

Man Kills His 90- Year- Old Father To Collect His Bank ATM Card

An ungrateful young man around the age of 20 years has been nabbed and arrested by the Kwara State Police Council for reportedly killing his 90- Year- old father just so he could take over his bank ATM card and withdraw all his money. The shameless man, whose real name is Hassan Ibrahim was so envious of his father that he always wanted to steal his money from his bank account but since he didn’ t have access to the ATM card, he decided to end it all by finally killing his father.

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The chief police inspector, SP Ajayi Okasanmi gave an official statement to the public that they had arrested this man just earlier this week for supposedly killing his father for his gains.>>>>>CONTINUE READING HERE>>>>>

He explained in a statement saying” Mr. Hassan immediately killed his father after getting back from the bank where he took him to restore his ATM card” .

” He took the dad on a cruiser which he acquired to a disengaged uncompleted structure and strangulated him to death after the dad had gathered the new ATM card. He from there on dug a small grave where he covered his dad in the wake of seizing him of the ATM card, ‘ ‘ Okasanmi expressed.

The police representative added that Hassan from there on ran away to Kaduna State and began pulling out from his late dad’ s record. He previously pulled out N67, 000 before he was captured. Okasanmi expressed likewise that Hassan sold the acquired bike before he ran away to Kaduna where he was captured.

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