Man Got His Pen! s Stuck In Enlargement Tube; See The Story |
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Man Got His Pen! s Stuck In Enlargement Tube; See The Story

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After getting his pen! s jammed in a tube following an enlargement treatment, one man in Thailand knows all too well what they say about being careful what you wish for. While pleasuring himself at home in Bangkok, the man in his twenties smashed his manhood into a one- inch wide grey PVC used in kitchen sinks.

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He’ d just paid for penile enlargement injections and wanted to see how effective they were.

Indeed, they had– to the point where the man’ s pen! s became caught and rapidly swelled. The man was obliged to ask for medical assistance in order to get out of his predicament.

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However, when they came at his flat, they stated that they were unable to remove the pipe. The doctors transported him to a hospital, where they enlisted the help of a team that specializes in similar situations. . .

To begin liberating the man’ s shaft, volunteer firefighters utilized pliers, a circular cutter, and a container of lubricating gel. Because the pen! s was so tightly wedged inside the tiny tube, it took more than 20 minutes. To keep the pliers from cutting into the man’ s flesh, the rescuers had to place a protective sheet between the pipe and the pen! s. He told doctors that he had recently undergone a controversial pen! s augmentation operation with filler put into his glands before the unusual sèx act.

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The man, who has not been identified, is alleged to have told them that if he hadn’ t received the enlargement injections, he ‘ wouldn’ t have had this problem. ‘

I’ m irritated because I spent a lot of money on it, and now I’ ll have to pay for medical bills as well, ‘ he explained.

Apart from its size, the man’ s pen! s swelled every time it was touched, making pipe removal more difficult, according to a member of the rescue squad.

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The team ultimately succeeded to break the plastic object after a grueling effort. The young man was admitted to the hospital and will be treated there for the rest of his life. It’ s unknown whether his pen! s would resume normal function following the treatment.

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