Man Catches His Friend's Girlfriend Having A Hookup With Another Guy |
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Man Catches His Friend’s Girlfriend Having A Hookup With Another Guy

What is even wrong with some girls in this world. Just today, a very funny video has surfaced on Instagram and TikTok that catches the second a man stood up to a woman who is the serious girlfriend of his very best friend.

The young fellow went up against that woman in the wake of finding her in the act of doing a hookup with another man other than her beau. The lover boy that this girl was seeing was a matter of fact this guy’ s younger brother.

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The young fellow wanted to video the full face of this shameless woman yet the woman kept on intruding on his recording with her hand, making it unimaginable that he couldn’ t be able to see her face appropriately in the video.

In this video, you could hear the guy screaming at this shameless girl and shaming her for being disloyal to his best friend. The man was speaking a Nigerian delete in this video but if you translate it to English, you can hear him saying ” shameless woman, so you are planning on cheating on my best friend with my little brother. How can you do something like this to Alfred? Upon all the gifts that he bought you and upon all the money that he gave you. You are here cheating on him with my little brother. What does my little brother have that Alfred hasn’ t given to you? You are very ungrateful and a shameless woman.

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