Main Reason Why Female Cat Sequels And Attack Male Cats During Mating (Watch Video) |

Main Reason Why Female Cat Sequels And Attack Male Cats During Mating (Watch Video)

Animals behave differently during mating, they produce different types of sounds. Some get aggressive, while others are always calm and submissive during the act. Today, I will be highlighting one of the main reasons why the female cat gets hostile and yells at male cats during mating. In addition to that, it goes to an extent of attacking the male cat during the act or just immediately after the act.

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Feline aggression is attributed to the male cat’s reproductive organs, which contain penile spines, which look like small needles or thorns. Feminine cats have flattened their spinal column after the male has inserted his spermatozoa into the female’s pelvis. Spikes on the cat’s sexual organ scratch its wall, allowing bacteria into the cat’s organ and infecting it.

The main function of the penile spines found on the male’s reproductive organ is to rapture the walls of the vagina. This process is very critical in the reproductive cycle of the domestic cat because it is responsible for triggering the ovulation process in the game cats. According to different reports published by reliable sources indicates that the chances of the female cat mating again will be high because the cat will be on heat thus the need to find a mate probably after 24 hours after the first mating.

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The female cat aggressively attacks the male cat during mating because it wants to defend itself from the male. During mating, the male cat keeps the female securely in this posture to prevent her from turning around and attacking him. Most of the time, the male cat usually holds the neck of the female cat to prevent it from turning and lodging an attack.

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