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Leave The Church And Go Home If You See Your Pastor Doing These Things In The Church

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Being called to be a pastor is one thing, but how you handle the responsibilities of being a pastor is quite another. It is understandable that God calls many people to be pastors and gospel preachers, but this does not mean that everyone can be a pastor. Some have seen it as a commercial venture, and so it has nothing to do with heaven.

In such scenario, the following is a list of pastos that you should avoid in your Christian life:

1. Pastors Who Organize Miraculous Events

Miracles certainly happen, but not every pastor has the ability to accomplish them. Some pastors pretend to perform miracles, leading to the deceit of Christ’ s bride. Only by chance will true miracles be revealed.

2. Preachers Who Haven’ t Received The Holy Spirit

When a Christian is born again, he or she will act in the same way that Jesus did.

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They will follow in the footsteps of Christ. Get out of there if a preacher goes against what Christ did. Baptism is included in the price. For the right baptism, he should be plunged in deep waters.

3. Pastors Who Do Not Glorify God

Many pastors are in charge of non- worshiping congregations. The Satanic Temple, as well as the LGBT community and numerous denominations, are all here. The purpose of a church is to glorify God. The creator is obligated to honor the maker.

4. A Person Who Does Not Rebuke Sin In Church

Pastors who have a hard time criticizing sin are among us. This is because they are both performing the same thing. You can’ t condemn miniskirts while wearing one yourself, for example. Dirty clothing can be avoided by everyone from the pastor to the sheep.

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5. Pastors And Prophets Who Are Only Interested In Making Money

Money is the root of all issues in the church. Money has the capacity to draw your focus away from your spiritual life with ease. We have pastors who only want to talk about giving but do little to help the poor.

6. Pastors’ And Prophets’ False Prophecies

A prophecy that does not come true is known as a false prophecy. False prophets make false predictions. Religious leaders like this should be avoided since they have nothing to offer you. According to the Bible, we will recognize them by their deeds.

7. Preachers And Prophets Who Don’ t Dress Up

There are religious leaders who will appear on the Lord’ s altar in pants while others pocket the cash. Those who have shaved their hair to look like young males in order to show off their advanced western culture. We don’ t have anything like modernity in Christianity. Either you’ ve been reborn or you haven’ t.

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8. Pastors Who Engage In Polygamy

Timothy, on the other hand, despises polygamy and opposes it at all costs. A pastor is automatically disqualified as a real pastor if he or she has more than two wives.

1 Timothy 3: 1- 2 says, ” This is a reputable saying: If a man desires the post of bishop, he desires a good work. ” A bishop must be spotless, married to just one woman, temperate, sober- minded, good- natured, hospitable, and capable of teaching.

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