Leading Afrobeat Musician Adekunle Gold, Cautions Nigerian Youths Against Making Heinous Decisions (Video)

Adekunle Gold, one of the leading Afrobeat musician has addressed Nigerian youths in a recent interview with BBC.

The former Yahoo Boy No Laptop (YBNL) musician stated that Nigerian youths should desist from making decisions that would affect the rest of their lives. Speaking during the session, Adekunle Gold mentioned that youths should be responsible and live a constructive life that is worthwhile…….Continue Reading

Gold went further to state that saying life is short is flawed because it is actually long and any bad decision made today would leave one with deep regrets.

He said a 20-year-old person would have to spend 10 years before he or she reaches the age of 30, and any wrong decision made today would be one they would live to regret.

The Afrofusion musician said that youths should endeavor not to make crazy decisions even as they are exploring the beauty life has to offer.

The father of one went further to state that they should make the best out of their situations while living carefully.

Watch him speak below:

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