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Lady Who Had two Reproductive Organs Laments after Removing one in Video

A Nigerian lady has recounted her experience after undergoing a process to remove one of her reproductive organs.

The TikTok user identified as @ifyberry1 said she was born as a hermaphrodite (having two reproductive organs).

Recently, she decided to take out one of the organs but instantly regretted her action afterwards.

Ify hinted in her post that she removed the male organ and started feeling bad and missing her old self.

According to her, she doesn’t like the ‘girl life’ and she desires to go back to being a hermaphrodite.

In her words:

“I miss being a hermaphrodite. I regret getting rid of one. How do I even cope with this new life? This girl stuff is not for me.”

Mixed reactions trail video of Ify

@onyekachukwu383 said:

“I feel ur pain baby ur free to visit me let’s hang out.”

@jihadfardbilal.bey wrote:

“You will get thru it just remember you are still you.”

@estherchiugo noted:

“Go and fix it back don’t stress us.”

@oscarcity3 commented:

“Hey girl nothing to worry about okay, I just followed you, please follow back let’s chat in a bit.”

@_havanasyndrome said:

“Happiness is within, you weren’t happy then and you’re not happy now.”

@cumybtc stated:

“Nonsense, you don’t even know what you want.”

@uzoebochrischinedu remarked:

“Cry your cry. We all have our cries. It’s a phase.”

Watch the video below:


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