Lady Sends Boyfriend’s Picture To A Shrine And Curses Him For Dumping Her

Lady Sends Boyfriend’s Picture To A Shrine And Curses Him For Dumping Her

A young lady around the age of 25 years has been recorded on a phone camera busily invoking curses on her alleged Ex- Boyfriend boy supposedly dumping her to sleep with her friend. The lady sent her boyfriend’ s full picture and his full name to a local shrine and she started invoking heavy curses on him.

The lady who comes from Delta State in Nigeria had allegedly been dating this boy for quite some time. But one day, the boy suddenly woke up and told her that he didn’ t love her anymore because he had now fallen in love with her best friend. He also told her to get lost and that she should never contact him again. Due to this, the girl burst into tears and she knew that he was a very ungrateful person…….Continue Reading

This lady, claims that she had been feeding her boyfriend all this time while they were in SHS. She claims that she always gave him chop money in school and she sometimes even paid his school fees for him. But not knowing, she never knew that he would one day he would betray her by dumping her to date her best friend.

In the video, you would hear her saying: ” You this boy, you are a very wicked person. After all that I did for you, how could you dump me like that? I curse you and all your generation that you will never find peace. You are going to suffer your whole life and all your future babies will die. Upon everything I did for you, how could you do something like this to me” .

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