Lady Removed Five Ribs, Excessively Trimmed Her Waist; Now Begs God For Pregnancy; Full Gist Here |
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Lady Removed Five Ribs, Excessively Trimmed Her Waist; Now Begs God For Pregnancy; Full Gist Here

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Waist training has been one of the most fashionable trends among women and some celebrities with huge followings can be said to have influenced this trend.

One of the notable celebrities who engage in this act is Gambian- born Ghanaian actress, Princess Shyngle.

This write- up will look at how the actress and daughter of politician who has been addicted to waist training is now dealing with the possible effects.

Having S3x Everyday To Get Pregnant

Princess Shyngle has recently taken to social media to let out her pains about the difficulty in getting pregnant.

In an emotional Instagram post, the actress and model confessed that she least expected any difficulty in getting pregnant.

According to her, women could have s£x daily for years but will still not get pregnant.

” I never knew getting pregnant is the hardest thing ever when you’ re ready. You can have ѕєx every day for three years and not get pregnant, ” her post on Instagram read.

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In view of the above reason, she admitted just as many African women that children were indeed gifts from God.

” Honestly, babies are indeed a gift from God, ” she wrote.

Waist Trainers And Pregnancy

A number of researches stipulate that waist trainers are possible to have effects on pregnancy.

” You are pregnant for a period of time before the test becomes positive, therefore it’ s best to avoid anything which is restrictive around the abdomen

even though the womb at that point is still in the pelvis.

” When you are trying to conceive you want your body to be as healthy as it can be, and these have the potential to cause health problems, ” an article written by Tara Breathnach for Made For Mums stated.

Removing Five Ribs To Achieve Desired Shape

Recall the Gambian doll Princess Shyngle shared an old photo of herself back in 2014 when she was very much of her natural looks and had not introduced the use of a waist trainer into her routine.

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When she shared one picture she said broke her to fame, it was discovered that her now endowed tiny waist, huge backside, and her breast were missing in the series of throwbacks pictures.

Shyngle has always been tight- lipped about admitting that she had gone under the knife to have this amazingly perfect body a lot of women are killing themselves to have.

However, she recently confessed that she had had some of her ribs removed and she is looking at taking all of them off to achieve her desired shape.

To persons chastising her, Princess emphatically stated that she is a priceless piece of art and so women who go to the length and breadth to achieve a perfect body or look beautiful must not be chastised.

Thin Waist Can’ t Contain Pregnancy

The bubbly Gambian- born Ghanaian celebrity earlier this year disclosed the reason she had her pregnancy removed as she was due to deliver in January 2022.

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According to Princess Shyngle who is usually in the news for controversial topics, she was informed by doctors that her fallopian tube will burst and she will bleed to death if she decides to keep the pregnancy because her waist is too small to contain it.

Interestingly, some videos she posted in the past showed she has been deceiving the public about using waist trainers to achieve thin waist.


How We Got To Know Shyngle

Princess Shyngle rose to fame after she was

adjudged as the third- best at the Next Movie Star Africa competition.

Since then, she has starred in several movies especially in Ghana.

She has also starred in many movies both in Ghana and Nigeria with other Ghanaian movie stars such as Juliet Ibrahim, John Dumelo, Martha Ankomah, Prince David Osei and D- Black.

The entrepreneur launched her reality TV show named Discovering Princess Shyngle last year.

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