Lady exposed for using a ‘fake baby’ to beg in Lagos Traffic. (video)

Lady exposed for using a ‘fake baby’ to beg in Lagos Traffic. (video)

A young female street beggar was recently spotted using a stuffed baby to beg for alms in Lagos.

A video that was posted online captures the moment the beggar approached passengers in a private vehicle and began begging for donations while holding a baby in her arms.

The observant passengers, however, suspected that the baby was not real, so they asked the beggar to show the child’s face.

She first resisted showing her baby’s face, but eventually gave in when the passengers insisted they would only give her money after showing her baby’s face…..Continue Reading


She then pulled back the clothes covering the supposed baby, only for the passengers to find that there was nothing under except additional clothing.

Watch video below,


The video caused a huge stir online. Check out some reactions as you scroll.

@wisdomcounsellin wrote, “This is what happens when people are too proud to work but not ashamed to beg”.

@chizglam, “I don’t find this funny .. why is she laughing??.”

@alysia_empire, “She’s laughing she think it’s funny. This is emotional blackmail?”.

In other news, a Kenyan man has caused a stir after he revealed why he cheated on his wife.

The man, while speaking to a televangelist whom he and his wife had visited for counseling after she found out he cheated on her, said he did it to make her lose weight.

According to him, when he first met his wife in 2017, she was slim, which was one of the reasons he loved her, but after they got married in 2020, she started to gain weight and became less attractive in his eyes.

He said he signed her up at a gym in a bid to make her return to her former figure, but it didn’t work.

He recalled once asking her the reason for her sudden weight gain, and she told him it was because she had peace of mind.

So he decided to start having extra marital affairs to take away her peace so she could lose weight.

He said when she got to know of his affairs with other women, it gave her sleepless nights and she couldn’t eat regularly, which made her lose weight.

Speaking during the interview, he expressed his happiness that his strategy was successful, noting that his wife has regained the slim figure she had before they were married.

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