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Ladies, Checkout Some Common Mistakes We Should Avoid When Dressing

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Fashion is a very serious art that shouldn’t be taken for granted. But we all make blunders when it comes to dressing up. These errors aren’t very necessarily intentional (which is why they’re mistakes). They are typically carried out due to a lack of knowledge. That is permissible. Every day, we are so preoccupied with our work that we hardly even pay attention to how we appear. But, when it comes to getting dressed, have you made any of the frequent blunders?

There’s just one way to find out for sure. And that is why you should keep reading.

1. Too much jewelry

More is less.’ It doesn’t really matter if it’s jewelry or other items. To make an impact, don’t go overboard. Being understated actually appears to be very elegant and refined.

Choose jewelry that reflects your personality and attitude as well. If you can carry it, show it off. Simply ensure that your mind and body are in the perfect harmony. If you look overdone, this is one of the fashion mistakes you’ll regret.

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2. Matching color wrongly

Colors are a wonderful way to lift your spirits each time you dress to go out. However, if you don’t know how to match colors in your attire, you’ll stand out like a sore thumb. If you haven’t already, learn how to also mix and match colors in your ensembles to prevent making these kinds of  mistake. There are several ways to go about it, you can simply wear neutral clothing and accessorize with brightly colored accessories as well.

3. Incorrect size

It’s not about owning branded clothes before you looked well dressed; it’s about using common sense and achieving the proper balance. As women, we are frequently apprehensive about our growing size, which gives us the creeps whenever we go shopping or try on a new pair of pants or top. We sometimes choose a size which is much smaller than our original size in the hopes of fitting into it after a few crash diets and workouts. It is not recommended that you attempt those antics. You can always acquire the right size and change it later if you lose weight.

4. Allow your panty line to show

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In the same way, you should not in no other way display your pantylines. Panty lines are not only unsightly, but they also detract from the appearance of your dress. Avoid wearing transparent or tight garments to disguise them. Better still, check out our style guide for how to hide noticeable pantylines in tight dresses as well.

5. Colourful shirt under light shirt

S lot of people make this mistake because they strongly believe the shirt will blend in or that the jacket would disguise it, but once it is been exposed, even if merely a shadow is reflected from the inside, it will destroy the shirt’s appearance totally . It’s a simple matter of thinking of the shirt as part of your underwear and adjusting your mind to keep it out of sight. The colorful shirts are for a different type of circumstance because the white hue is conventional for these items for obvious reasons. To dress very well, you don’t need to be a fashion expert; all you need is  to do is pay attention to the details, incorporate all of these guidelines into your daily dress routine, and you’ll see the results.

6. Showing too much skin

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Exaggerating your age by revealing too much of your skin. Displaying too much skin, especially in more formal settings, is actually off-putting. It is likely to make you and those around you feel very uneasy. The golden rule is that if you display skin on top, you must cover it on the bottom, and vice versa.


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