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Kumuyi Reveals What Is Classmates Call Him When He Was In School

Kumuyi Reveals What Is Classmates Call Him When He Was In School

Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry spoke about, “Knowing Jesus And Experiencing Him In Life” at that Global Family Worship Service, live FROM Liberty Stadium, Ibadan, Oyo State.

In one of his sub-topics he spoke about “Have Faith, Never Wavering At Any Time” and said that Jesus loves you. He is not looking at you the way you are now, or the mistakes you are making, He will mend your life. If you go to the porter’s place, you will see unfinished works, but if you go back later, you will see the work completed and beautiful. God is still working on you, in the next few years, they will see the work of God complete in you………Continue Reading



He then read the book of Mark 11:22-24 and said that all you need is faith. Don’t look down on yourself, don’t say you are weak, dull, sickly, etc. Change your language, you can do all things through Christ. Look at the athlete that is breaking records, sometimes ago, she was just running on the streets. But she kept running, practising, with high hopes that she will become like some successful athletes. Say it and you will become it. What you say is what you have. He then told the story of why his classmates stopped calling him Williams and started calling him Mathematician

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He said, “When I was in primary school, I told you that I was very playful and at times, I would not go to school, and my father did not know. One day, a teacher came from the University of Ibadan and gave us some algebraic sums to solve, and that day happened to be my good day, the boy who was dead in Mathematics came alive, and I got all the sums correctly. My case was like that of a dead clock that is correct at least two times a day. Not only that, I had written myself off, never imagining I could be anything in life. I saw myself as a village boy who could not go far in life.”

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“He marked my paper 102%, apportioning 17 marks to each answer. He came to the class and distributed the papers to all others and held on to mine. He wanted to see the genius. Then, he called my name. I stood up carefully because I didn’t know what to expect. All I’ve been saying about myself was, “I cannot, I could not, I will not”, and I was always at the back of the class.”…………...Continue Reading



“He asked “Who is this? Stand up” He then told everyone I was a Mathematician because I got all sums correctly. Since that day, everyone called me Mathematician and brought difficult sums for me to solve. My language changed and I called myself the same. It didn’t sit well at first, but later, it clicked and the Mathematician inside me woke up.

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“Later, I went to the University of Ibadan in the year 1964 and passed out with a 1st class in Mathematics 1967 because I said so. What are you saying about yourself? Say it, it will happen. Say it so you can have it. Say it in the public and in private. Say it in your heart, say it to your friends and anyone who cares to listen and hear. You will become what you say.”

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