King Of Money! The Story Of Ezego; Nigeria's Richest Billonaire Ever |
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King Of Money! The Story Of Ezego; Nigeria’s Richest Billonaire Ever

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You can’ t talk about previous billionaires without mentioning the one and only Ezego, also known as the King of Money.

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If he were still alive today, he would be listed as one of the wealthiest people on the Forbes list; however, death took him at the pinnacle of his career.

Do You Know His Real Name? Check It Out Below

Chief Victor Nnamdi Okafor, also known as Eze Ego 1 of Ihiala, A. K. A young millionaire used to be an Igbo tycoon whose name was revered. Ego was born on December 25th, 1964 in Uzoakwa, Ihiala, Anambra State.

Ezego was a school dropout who had a traumatic childhood. He was disowned by his father after he was arrested for being a member of a gang in Onitsha.

Ezego was fortunate to escape to Lagos in 1989, where he went to meet a mentor. Nobody knows what Ezego was up to in Lagos, but when he returned, he was a multimillionaire.

He Was The Owner Of A Very Huge Shopping Plaza

Ezego proceeded with the construction of a shopping centre. He constructed the Ezego Shopping Plaza on Allen Avenue in Lagos.

The shopping complex also had a branch in Abuja and at Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Abuja.

Ezego also managed several large electronic stores in various locations. Back then, he had a slew of business ventures spread across the country.

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While he was alive, Ezego built many houses and mansions all over the world, one of which was entirely made of glass. Ezego’ s mansion in Ihiala was built with marble walls from Italy, and it was estimated to be worth up to N500 million at the time.

He Had One Of The Largest African Car Garages

Ezego was known as a car enthusiast because he had one of Africa’ s largest car garages at the time. He kept buying different car models and filling his garage with them.

Ezego married a woman named Laurita Nkechi, and the couple had eight children together. Ezego also had other affairs that bore him children from various women.

On the 23rd of December, Ezego left Lagos for his usual birthday celebration at home. Normally, Ezego would fly to Enugu or Port Harcourt and then be driven to his home in a convoy. He decided to take the road this time to avoid a plane crash, but things did not go as planned.

Ezego decided to drive himself from Lagos to Ihiala for unknown reasons. He did not allow his drivers to drive him home; instead, they followed him while he led the way. When Ezego arrived at the Lagos/Ibadan expressway, his car engine broke down. He decided to manage the car in this manner because he did not want to be late.

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The Main Incident That Led To His Fatal Accident

The car broke down in the middle of the

road as he continued driving the jeep to Asaba. Because of how dangerous the road can be, Ezego decided not to abandon his car there, so he tow the car while driving his Lexus.

None of his people objected when he decided to drive the vehicle alone; his boys simply followed him behind as usual. Tragic events occurred when they arrived at the road between Ozabulu and Okija on the Onitsha/ Road, just a few minutes from Ezego’ s hometown of Ihiala.

Ezego was driving down a hill when he mistakenly passed a weak section of road and came to a complete stop. The driver behind him had no time to stop and slammed into Ezego’ s car, sending Ezego tumbling down the road into a ditch.

What People Did To Help Him

People did everything they could to get him out of the ditch and to medical help. Ezego suffered a severe facial injury, which disfigured his once- beautiful face. Ezego was rushed to the first hospital, but there was no doctor on duty; by this time, he was bleeding profusely and in shock. The family hoped to save his life by transporting him to another hospital in Portharcourt.

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Nobody knows whether he died on his way to Port Harcourt or while attempting to board a plane to a hospital. The king of Money, Ezego, died on December 26th, at the age of 34, and was buried in an underground grave in his compound.

On September 2, 2002, only three years after his death, the lawyer who was supposed to read Ezego’ s will was murdered along with his wife. Nobody knows who Ezego willed his properties to because his will was never read.

Sadly, His Huge Business Empire Collapsed

Following Ezego’ s death, it was revealed that his business empire had collapsed in December 2013. Even the mansion he built in his Ihiala home was abandoned by everyone. The properties in the compound are still there today, untouched, and even the unfinished building is still there, exactly as he left it.

The family members abandoned the house, and even thieves were afraid to enter the empty house to rob because they feared the deity who killed Ezego would come after them. They suspected that his wealth was obtained through the use of drugs or a dreaded ritual.

Even with his cars parked in his compound, Ezego’ s mansion at home is just there. Nobody dares to live in the compound or steal anything, but people come to see his mansion for themselves.

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