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Keke-NAPEP and Motorcycle Riders threatens to shut down Lagos

Keke-NAPEP and Motorcycle Riders threatens to shut down Lagos

The United commercial Keke-NAPEP and Motorcycle Riders Association of Nigeria has given the Lagos State Government a 21-day ultimate to release its arrested members and hand over  impounded motorcycles to those concerned.It threatens to stage a massive protest and shut down the Lagos transportation system, if the State Government refuses to listen to the voice of reason.

The collapse of the public intra-city transport system paved way for the rise of motorcycles and tricycles as a means of public transportation in Nigeria……..Continue Reading


It is commonly patronised by the populace because of the advantages it has over taxis and buses.

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Due to the current security concerns in the country, the Lagos state government has  banned the use of motorcycles and tricycles in the state.

It has advised residents to access opportunities provided in the agriculture and empowerment programmes of the State.

The state has continued to seize and arrest passengers and riders as an enforcement of the ban, a decision has not gone down well with these stakeholders.

They have decided to distort the activities in the State if the government does not release its members and their bikes.

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