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Just In : 19 Prostitute arrested and detained by NSCDC.

Just In : 19 Prostitute arrested and detained by NSCDC.

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Gombe State Command has arrested 53 suspected criminals, including 19 women.

Money counterfeiters, “kalare” boys, commercial sex workers, burglars, motorcycle robbers, and petty thieves were among the suspects paraded in Gombe yesterday.

According to Waziri Goni, the state commandant of the NSCDC, the counterfeiters were caught with fake European, American, and Naira currencies worth more than N7.5 million when converted………..Continue Reading



According to Goni, motorcycle robbers either steal or collect motorcycles at gunpoint, then take their loot to Alkaleri, a border community between Gombe and Bauchi, where waiting buyers buy the N500,000 motorcycle for N150,000.

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According to him, the sex workers, who were mostly minors, were raided at three different locations in the city, including Gallas and brothels.

“The sex workers are mostly underage and come from neighboring Bauchi, Taraba, Adamawa, Borno, and even Jos,” he said.

“They’re all in school.” They left without informing their parents. It’s unfortunate that this is what society breeds.

“As for us, we will not condone societal vices; we have enough problems in Gombe; we simply cannot afford to add to them.”………….Continue Reading



Explaining that the “Kalare” boys were going around the state with axes, cutlasses, knives, and other dangerous weapons to rob people of their valuables, he said all the accused would be charged in court this week, and that “it is for the law to discourage such recurrence.”

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Meanwhile, the command has hired Sheikh Isah Alawiy to represent the accused in court.

Alawiy told reporters that yesterday was the seventh time the command had asked him to counsel accused people on how to be better citizens.

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