It Is Better To Be In Party That Controls Federal Purse – Deputy Speaker Sends Warning To Ndigbo


Hon. Benjamin Kalu

Hon. Benjamin Kalu, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, has advised politicians in the Southeastern region of the country to join the All Progressives Congress (APC).

He stated that it is better for them to hop in than sit on the fence before it is too late.

Kalu argued that it was irrational for the region to pitch its tent with parties that form the minority, adding that it is time to look at the bigger picture and move away from regional politics.

The lawmaker stated this during an interview on Flo 94.9 FM Umuahia.

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Kalu said that he took bullets for President Bola Tinubu in the South East before and during the presidential polls.

He urged politicians from the South East who belong to other parties like PDP, APGA, and LP to join the APC, as he believed there was more room for them in the ruling party.

He argued that the Southeast voices are diminished at the national level because four different parties control the region.

His words, “APC will be stronger now in Abia and in the South East than before.

“This is the time for those sitting on the fence to hop in before it becomes late. Because we are bringing the type of leadership that will recognise your stake.

“It is better for you to be in a party that has control of the federal purse because that way, we can lobby better. When we go with the splinter group, our voices are low.

“We must leave regional politicking and go national politicking. If we do more for APC, APC will do more for Ndigbo.”

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