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INEC Begins Nationwide Display Of Preliminary Voters Register

INEC Begins Nationwide Display Of Preliminary Voters Register

The physical copies have been displayed at the 8809 Wards and 774 LGA Headquarters on polling unit basis. The register gives the name, picture, date of birth and Voter Identification Number (VIN) of Voters. Biometric details, residential addresses, Phone numbers and e-mail addresses are not included for security reasons.

Nigerians are enjoined to seize this opportunity to scrutinize the register and draw the attention of the Commission to any multiple and suspicious registrations, corrections of personal particulars, malicious registrants of non-Nigerians or any person(s) who ought not to be in the register.

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During this display period, any person may make a claim that the name of a registered voter has been omitted, make corrections on his/her personal details on the register, raise an objection against the inclusion of any person not qualified to vote or the name of a dead person on the register.

Physical Claims and Objections
In accordance with Sections 19(2) and 19(3) of the Electoral Act 2022, the INEC will address claims, objections and/or complaints arising from the displayed Preliminary Register from 12th-25th November, 2022.


Two Officers of the Commission, comprising a Revision Officer(REVO) who should be able to speak the indigenous language of that area will attend to claims as well as issue PVCs of persons who registered before January 15, 2022.

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Forms EC2 and/or EC3 will be issued to persons who intend to make claims or raise objections/Complaints respectively.

The completed forms will be received by these officers who in turn will issue acknowledgement slips to the persons who raised these claims.

The person(s) will be informed of place, day and time where these Complaints will be heard.

The REVO is expected to hear, determine and announce the decision on the said claims.

Any person not satisfied with the decision(s) as stated above, can appeal in writing to the Resident Electoral Commission (REC) within 7 days after the decision of the REVO..

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Claims and Objections at Wards will be entertained from 12th-18th November, 9:00am – 3:00pm (Mondays – Fridays).

Claims and Objections at LGA/Area Offices will be entertained from 19th-25th November, 9:00am-3:00pm (Mondays – Fridays).

The display of the register is part of efforts to further clean up the document ahead of the 2023 elections. Every claim and objection must be backed with authentic proof.

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