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Independence Day: Bola Ahmed Tinubu Speech To Nigerians

Independence Day: Bola Ahmed Tinubu Speech To Nigerians

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2023 election, has called on Nigerians to commit to the unity and development of the country as the only way to honour the nation’s founding fathers.

He noted that the difficult times may not lend to a wholesome appreciation of the struggles of the founding fathers.

The APC presidential flagbearer, however, pointed out that the nation is commemorating the independence anniversary because of their patriotic effort to bequeath united, virile nation to future generations………….Continue Reading


Tinubu, who sounded inspirational, also said the best the country can offer still lies ahead, maintaining that in 62 years the journey has been eventful as the country has consolidated Democratic governance for 23 years.

The APC standard bearer, however, maintained that there is much work to do “in perfecting our form of governance such that government will always and completely be for, of, by and because of the people.

“That our people live in the dignity afforded by prosperity, justice, freedom and an unyielding belief in our capacity to overcome any obstacle was what compelled our founders to strive for the independence we now enjoy,” he stated………..Continue Reading


“On this Independence Day, let us commit ourselves to Nigeria’s unity as well as to our collective improvement. In unity, we must see each other as brothers and sisters regardless of our ethnic, religious or regional diversity.

“In seeking national improvement, hands must be on deck in growing the economy, creating jobs, feeding the hungry, educating our youth, caring for the sick and protecting our people and their way of life from evil and misguided foes who seek to destroy all that is good.

“May we all seek the best for Nigeria regardless of partisan affiliation and may we never undermine the national purpose in pursuit of narrow gain,” he stated.

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